Welcome to CICA IHSS

California’s seniors and persons living with disabilities have a right to lead empowered, independent lives. The California IHSS Consumer Alliance (CICA) is a statewide collaboration of IHSS Public Authority Advisory Committee and Governing Board members. CICA provides education, information, and networking opportunities for members to fulfill their mandate to advise on improvements to the IHSS program. CICA also assists in developing Advisory Committees and Governing Boards to their highest potential.


What is a Public Authority?

The Public Authority for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) is a public agency whose purpose is to make the IHSS program in every county work better for consumers, who consist of the elderly, blind and disabled, and home care providers/personal assistants. The significant role the Public Authority fulfills for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) is to offer services that assist consumers with greater access to providers. This has been accomplished by: 1) creating a provider registry, and 2) establishing the Public Authority as an employer of record.

What is a Governing Board?

The role of the IHSS Governing Board ... The Public Authority Governing Body is the official board designated to govern the Public Authority and make legally binding decisions on its behalf. In most counties, the Governing Body is the county board of supervisors. In some counties, the Public Authority operates independently of the county and has it's own appointed Governing Board. These counties include Marin County, San Francisco County, and Nevada County.