The California In-Home Supportive Services Consumer Alliance (CICA) is a statewide coalition of IHSS Advisory Committee and Governing Board members representing the consumer viewpoint on all IHSS issues at the local, state and federal levels. This coalition works closely with IHSS providers in the representation of consumer issues and is the first of its kind in the state.

The purpose of the organization is to provide statewide support and communication relative to IHSS program issues to Advisory Committee and Governing Board members, training materials, updates on legislation and regulations and a networking opportunity for advancing and supporting the mandates of the IHSS program and continuing to make the voice of the consumer heard and recognized.

CICA is a membership organization with dues paid on an annual basis. Specific member benefits include:

  • Network with fellow members and get ideas and information on improving your IHSS program, your Public Authority and your Advisory Committee or Governing Board.
  • Plan and attend regional trainings.
  • Participate in a monthly CICA conference call.
  • Receive current information on IHSS issues at the state and federal levels.
  • Receive information and guidelines on holding regional conferences and meetings.
  • CICA website access.
  • Opportunity to develop CICA, its vision and programs
  • Printable CICA Brochure September. 2017
  • Fact Sheet, 2017

Dues Payment

Dues are:

Advisory Committees:    $500

Organizations:                $250

Professional Individual:    $50

Family:                             $25

Individual:                         $10

Please know that all membership dues are used to help CICA continue to be a vibrant and active vehicle for IHSS recipients, and now others, to be heard in Sacramento.

Make check payable to: CICA
Mail checks to:

735 P Street, C4
Eureka, CA 95501

Click here to download the Advisory Board Membership form. Click here for other Membership categories.  Fill out the form that applies to you and mail to:                                                              

                                                                                                           735 P Street, #C4
                                                                                                           Eureka, CA  95501
If you have any questions email:  Administrator