“I believe the California In-Home Supportive Services Consumer Alliance (CICA), the organization formed to keep Public Authority Advisory Boards in the different counties of California informed about what is happening on the state level is necessary. This organization makes it easier for Advisory Board members to find out what is happening legislatively in California and when and how to act on that information. Another very important role is the help available in organizing their own (Advisory) Board. Questions about mandated Federal and State funding are also discussed and helpful information about how to best serve their county is available. CICA is a very helpful support group for all individual Public Authority boards in the state and should be encouraged to grow and thrive.”

JoAnn Disbrow, Member of IHSS Advisory Board, Santa Clara County

“ CICA has provided me with a wealth of information that I have been able to share with the Yolo County IHSS Advisory Committee. I am aware of Statewide issues because of CICA. I am a better Chair of the IHSS Advisory Committee as a result of my participation with CICA. We have been able to draw on the amazing experiences and expertise of other participants throughout the State. CICA is a very exciting organization with great potential, and I look forward to being part of each effort. CICA offers us a chance to get involved and to have a voice in the issues before us. I hope you will add your voice to the discussion.”

Nancy Seyden, Chair Yolo County IHSS Advisory Committee

“ Attending the yearly conferences and joining CICA was initially our key in Nevada County to achieve complete access and use our Advisory Committee/Governing Board funding. By networking with Public Authorities in San Francisco and Marin, we had the necessary tools to proceed. With new policies presented to our Human Services Department and the Board of Supervisors, our relationships with the County are stronger than ever, which was not the case in our first two years of operation.“ The confidence one achieves in CICA defines more clearly the meaning of AB 1682 and the Welfare and Institutions Code’s intended meaning as we continually encounter challenges at the State and County levels. I cannot emphasize enough the knowledge one obtains by networking statewide and sharing information, thereby creating solutions.“ You owe it to yourself and your Advisory Committee in assisting your Public Authority to explore the value of joining CICA, a Consumer Alliance. The yearly dues come directly from your Advisory Committee funding. If you need more information to find the “key” to your funding, and to get your county “on track” with regard to AB 1682, contact your CICA Regional Vice President.”

Patrick Kenneally, Chair Nevada County IHSS Governing Board