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California Collaborative for Long Term Services & Supports

Meeting Agenda

January 5, 2018 9:00 – 10:30 a.m

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Electronic Visit Verification Stakeholder Meeting

Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (Noon)

Conference call line: (800) 230-1092    

RFI # 32236 Case Management Information, and Payrolling System (CMIPS) Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) - 21 pages



County Presentations

Mendocino August 2, 2017  C.Bean made trip


CICA Advisory Committee Workshop 2017

Group Notes shared from group break out.


CICA Statewide Surveys

These are not final.  Just shows results:

Advisory Committee Survey results

Consumer (recipient) Provider Survey Results


Upcoming Activities

May 24, 2017 - IHSS Advisory Committee Workshop


May 25, 2017 - CARA Senior Disability Action Day

May 25 & 26, 2017 - CARA Senior Leadership Academy

June 12, 2017 - 2017 Independent Living Conference:  Leading the Charge

June 13, 2017 - Disability Capital Action Day

Through the year:  Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are under attack:  CARA offers an Empowered Elder Workshop to help your group to understand and organize.  Contact for making arrangements for presentation.

Strengthen In-Home Supportive Services

Tell Us How IHSS Affects Your Life!

  With recent news about known and unknown changes to the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program, it is important to recognize the need for the consumer's voice in the IHSS program.

  The California In-Home Supportive Services Consumer Alliance (CICA) believes the Consumer (recipients and their providers) can share best what is needed to assist them in their daily lives to remain healthy and in their homes!

  One avenue of sharing the Consumer's voice is through a "Storybook" of experiences sharing the individual's personal need and value of the IHSS program.  This "Storybook" will share personal experiences of recipients and providers to be shared with Legislators throughout the state advocating to strengthen the IHSS program (this will also be used as a tool when visiting Sacramento).

  It is hoped to gather experiences from all the State Assembly Districts (80) in order to connect to the individual State Representatives the importance of the program to those they represent.  The more experiences shared the stronger the advocacy for strengthening the IHSS program will be.

  If you wish to share your voice to strengthen the IHSS program please complete the below form and send it in by March 31, 2017.

Help Strengthen IHSS Storybook Form (Print and complete) Instructions:  Print and complete.  Submit to:  CICA, 735 P Street, #C4, Eureka, CA  95501

Help Strengthen IHSS Storybook Form (Complete and print)  Instructions:  Download form, complete, save and email to:

For more infomation contact Charlie at 707-441-1974 or email:



Survey Closes March 31, 2017

CICA Statewide Consumer-Provider Survey  Click Here

Survey Closes March 31, 2017

CICA Statewide Advisory Committee Survey  Click Here




AB 1518: Requesting Your Support

Disability Rights California


AB 1518, Disability Rights California’s (DRC) bill to fix the Nursing Facility/Acute Hospital (NF/AH) waiver, will be heard in Assembly Health on April 21.  Your support is needed.

An attached draft sample letter for your use (fit to your organization) in WORD format and a fact sheet can be found below this text.

AB 1518 draft Sample Letter (click here)

AB 1518 Fact Sheet (click here)

If you can support us, please send a letter as soon as possible – tomorrow by close of business will make it possible for the analysis to reflect your support.

Please send to the committee chair and committee members; their names and contact are at:


Forward to, staff for the author, the Assembly Long Term Care and Aging Committee.

or mail to:

Assembly Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care

Legislative Office Building

1020 N Street, Room 360A

Sacramento, CA 95814


“1st Annual CICA IHSS Advisory Board Summit”

Wednesday, May 19, 2015

The California In-Home Supportive Services Consumer Alliance (CICA) cordially invites In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Advisory Board members, advocates and consumers to our “1st Annual CICA IHSS Advisory Board Summit” to be held in Sacramento, May 19, 2015!

Registration is limited.  Please completed the attached registration form by May 12, 2015 and submit it to Charlie Bean at

For questions you can either email Charlie at or call him at (707) 441-1974.

Hope to see you at our “1st Annual CICA IHSS Advisory Board Summit”!

Proposed Agenda (click here)

Summit Registration Letter of invitation (click here)

Summit Registration Form (click here)


The Disability Action Coalition is a coalition of Disability Organizations that serve and/or advocate for and with people with all types of disabilities and their families.

“It Takes a Community”

For more information or to join online:

(916) 325-1690 or (916)325-1695 TTY

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers

1234 H Street, Suite 150

Sacramento, CA 95630

(916) 325-1690

Form to join Disability Action Coalition (click here) PDF (click here) WORD


CICA Monthly Meeting Calendar 2014

CICA Hosts 3rd Annual Legislative Training Day


More important now than ever, CICA is hosting the third annual Legislative Training Day to be held in conjunction with Disability Capital Action Day. Click on the links below for the agenda and registration information.

CICA Legislative Training Day - Tuesday, May 24, 2011