What is an IHSS Advisory Committee?

The role of the IHSS Advisory Committee is to serve in an advisory capacity regarding IHSS and the IHSS Public Authority to the County Board of Supervisors, the governing body of the Public Authority, IHSS Contractor(s), and any administrative body in the county that is related to the delivery and administration of IHSS. The IHSS Advisory Committee submits recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on preferred services utilized for in-home supportive services. This Committee advises and makes recommendations in regard to policy and funding, provides ongoing advice regarding services to the Board of Supervisors, and any administrative body that is related to the delivery and administration of services, including the governing body and administrative agency of the public authority, nonprofit consortium, contractor, and public employees. Specific Advisory Committee duties may vary with each county. Check with your local IHSS Advisory Committee for more specific information about what they do.